#MASA 4,3,2,1: Three weeks of Kavanaugh in Fall, and Today One #Vote for Us All.

Fall 2018:  Three weeks–from the first sexual assault allegation to Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Three weeks that conflated anger, division and the #metoo movement in a tale of two nations under one flag. And religious far-right: Let’s examine the fall of man.

The fall of man, or the fall, is a term used in Christianity to describe the transition of the first man and woman from a state of innocent obedience to God to a state of guilty disobedience.

Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Hearing:  Some Senators Disavowed.  Others Deserved a Standing Ovation.

Three weeks that revealed the personhood of our Senators.

A special no thanks Susan Collins for your drawn-out speech and betrayal following a lunch with Mitch McConnell.  It will not be forgotten during your re-election bid in 2020. We are counting on Susan Rice to assist in the final boot.

No thanks Lindsey Graham for your outlandish commentary and betrayal to a dear friend in the wake of his demise.

And cut from the same state as John McCain but a different cloth altogether,  Jeff Flake, put on a great show that promoted a week-long F.B.I. Investigation limited in scope–no thanks.  No Senate re-election bid, but apparently your fuel for political appointment runs the engine that coulda, shoulda, woulda.

Democrat Joe Manchin voted “yes” on Kavanaugh and may be paying for it today as GOP challenger Patrick Morrisey closes-in.  Dems may lose West Virginia, with a ‘no thanks’ to Joe.

No thanks Mitch McConnell for your mechanical and stoic partisanship.

The pot, the kettle and Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley:  He called for a criminal F.B.I. investigation into “contradictions” between what attorney Michael Avenatti and his client, Julie Swetnick, said.  Did any other contradictions surface in that moment?  Let’s hope you decided that a 2022 re-election bid is a no-go.

Thank you Dianne Feinstein for brining the letter from Christine Blasey Ford to our attention.

Thank you Heidi Heitkamp for your bravery in voting with your moral compass instead of party politics, despite knowing that it may cost you your seat in North Dakota today.

Thank you Kamala Harris for your stand-out clarity and precision in your Kavanaugh Q&A.

A half-hearted thank you to Lisa Murkowski for pairing with Steve Daines for a “present” vote; it didn’t hurt your party but it did help the morale of women seeking the meaning of ‘justice.’

No doubt I’m missing some shoutouts, so please feel free to add-on.

Three weeks.  They brought with them brave accounts from women and disavowing dubs of “angry mob” from the far-right and media alike. And galvanized both sides.  The first steps to a reckoning come today–November 6th.  #VOTE

Collin's Letter.jpg

Sidebar:  And since Trump made this election cycle about race, let’s not forget Judge Kavanaugh’s take on it.  Thank you Cory Booker.

Let’s close out with the sick joke of the year and your final push to vote:

Kavanaugh calendar

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