#MASA Day 6: Times Knew about Hacking on Halloween 2016

Boo! 👻🎃 I sat slack-jawed, when Rachel Maddow bestowed the fun fact that the Times knew about #Russian hacking on 10/31/16 and sat on the story.  NYT reporter, Eric Lichtblau, had the story, but the F.B.I. asked him to hold off on it.

And  Maddow mentioned how much she loves the New York Times—sentiment echoed. But nonetheless, it happened. I think this story has been underrated. The bigger point here is what do we value? As individuals? As a society?

Because in my lifetime, I have yet to be shocked on a daily basis more than I have since the day Trump announced his candidacy and anchored it by denouncing an entire race. We are six days away from the midterms and even further away from a migrant caravan arriving on our land. Yet, today POTUS suggested taxpayer dollars were earmarked to send as many as 15,000 troops (up from the 5,200 troops already slated to go) to the U.S.-Mexico Border. That’s triple the number of troops authorized to serve in Iraq.

Clip from Rachel Maddow Show on Times story and The New Yorker reporter who broke it.:

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