#MASA Day 7: U.S. Citizen. Syrian Origins. Business on U.S.-Mexican Border.

A culmination of Immigration, the border, and simple truths in a basic exchange. For me, this interview was the true fusion of cultures that color the perennial character of these United States of America. Most customs officers think, **If you’ve got a U.S. Passport, you are safe, self-reliant and more likely to want to go home.** 

At least, that’s what I‘ve found in my travels. 

Below:  Here is a man who wants to bring a family member to his chosen home country; moreover, she is struggling to flee violence in her country of origin. He is a citizen.

The owner of a local business at the San Diego-Mexico Border. And he hails from Syria. Today’s politics is an interesting vantage point from his eyes. [“She told me all the glass is broken. Every time.”]

Regarding Syrian Ban:  “That’s no good. They run away from the war zone.  They have good hospitality for them here.”

Facts:  America resettled 15,479 Syrian refugees in 2016. Under Trump, only 3,024 were allowed in during 2017 and only 11 so far in 2018


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Is Trump’s refugee policy really so extraordinary? The walk isn’t, but the talk is.

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