#MASA Day 11: #IndivisibleMovement Sprouts from U.S. to Germany

The Trump Effect:  People re-engaging in politics. “It woke me up, and I learned so much more about politics and how it really runs.”  –Peggy Ancinec, Indivisible 49th (District), March 13, 2018, San Diego

Interview with Ms. Ancinec who was out protesting while Trump was in San Diego checking out the Wall prototypes. Ms. Ancinec has been visible outside of Darrel Issa’s office every Tuesday.  [Bernie Sanders is outside of San Diego in Oceanside tonight stumping to flip the 49th District seat in favor of Democrat Mike Levin who is running against Republican Diane Harkey.]

Capitol Weekly:  ‘Indivisible’ makes political presence felt

San Diego Free Press:  “The final get-out-the-vote rally is set for 10am on Tuesday, November 6th, at 1800 Thibodo Road #310 in Vista. Remember to bring a smile on your face and a song in your heart.”

BBC: 40,000 were expected.  Many more showed.  “More than 100,000 people have been marching in the German capital Berlin to protest against xenophobia and the increasing influence of the far right.”

Seattle Times:  Left adrift by Trump’s victory, Eastside activists find voice in Indivisible movement

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