Detroit Free Press Pays Homage to #SilentBreakers

Jan. 24, 2018, Michigan State University **historic**

In 2017, Time magazine’s ‘Person of the Year’ was not POTUS; the magazine’s ‘2017 Person of the Year’ went to the #SilenceBreakers.  Many voices.  One message.  More names.

Yesterday, decades of abuse came to a close when the testimonies of more than 150 girls and women were vindicated by Judge Rosemarie Aquilina’s sentencing of Larry Nassar.  Today, the front page of Detroit Free Press pays homage to these gymnasts. 

Larry Nassar–a world-renowned doctor who treated Olympians–was sentenced to 175 years in prison between federal and state charges for his documented-abuse of the women who testified.  However, as Judge Aquilina pointed out, only one-in-three women press charges.

Last year, the #metoo movement started… and these brave women are now part of righting future wrongs.  Thank you all.

Domino Effect

The woman who caused the fall of Larry Nassar:  Rachel Denhollander.  Denhollander contacted an investigative reporter and was alone in her accusations for months–scrutinized and suspected.

After all, wouldn’t you believe a prestigious doctor that had the charm to lure patients back for more ‘treatments’ (which includeed vaginal exams)? As Judge Aquilina noted, anyone can be a sexual predator, no matter his/her status in society.

A snapshot of ‘Time’ magazine’s Person Of The Year 2017 page.  **Names being added daily.**

the silence breakers.png

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