Under-Viewed: The Women POTUS Abused Speak

With only 52,700 views on YouTube, this video dated November 15, 2017, should be shared by anyone appalled by POTUS’ denials and the hypocrisy in this #MeToo era, especially on the heels of tomorrow’s special senatorial election in Alabama.

The movement, which began after Hollywood-mogul Harvey Weinstein’s unraveling months ago, has brought voice to the long-standing issue of sexual harassment.  Last week Dem. Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota turned in his resignation.  Political pundits say it was a move to reset the Democratic Party, which was marred by President Bill Clinton’s behavior.

Unfortunately, the GOP and particularly POTUS is taking a different stance on tomorrow’s special senatorial election in Alabama to replace Jeff Sessions’ seat. GOP candidate, Roy Moore, has been accused of sexually abusing underage girls, and POTUS has asked voters in the bright red state to vote for him none-the-less.

Today, the Democrat in the race, Doug Jones, is ignoring the fact that President Obama put in a robocall in his favor, saying he is unaware of the call.   Towing the line is what Dems tend to do, and it results in a loss.  We saw it with John Kerry as well as HRC.

The issue of sexual harassment is not going away, and we need to continued #resisting as we fight for the values we hold dear.

For more on 16 Women and Donald Trump, please see: https://www.bravenewfilms.org/16women

Excerpt:  In the video, 16 Women and Donald Trump, we put together the stories of women who have reported being sexually harassed or sexually assaulted by Donald Trump. Seeing these women’s stories, one after another, is incredibly powerful – it’s time to listen and act accordingly. As a society, we need to do a better job of holding men liable for harassment and abusive behavior. And we have a right to hear these women’s their stories even as the mainstream news outlets dismiss them and the White House deflects responsibility from the president. It’s time to disrupt the powers that silence the voices of women in all of our institutions. Please share this video to remind the nation that Hollywood isn’t the only place abuse happens and that our current president isn’t immune to being held accountable.

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