Unbelievable: 5 Must-Knows in Niger Attack

The Conditions:  Unarmed. No military cover. Unexpected ISIS militants.
Four U.S. soldiers lost their lives in Niger on Oct. 4th.
The Issue: “[He] must have known what he signed up for.” –POTUS to the widow of fallen-soldier St. La David Johnson.

Pertinent Facts:

  1. McCain–Chairman of Senate Armed Services Committee–learned of the Niger attack in newspapers like the rest of us  threatened issuing a subpoena to the White House yesterday. The attack in Niger happened on October 4th; high-level officials–not media–should have been his source. POTUS took 12 days to inform the public. Secretary of Defense Gen. James Mattis met with Sen. McCain today to address his concerns.
  2. Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly defended Trump’s phone call to the Johnson’s family in an emotive presser yesterday.  Kelly denounced Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fl.) calling out POTUS for his call to the widow.
  3. Representative Frederica S. Wilson, a good friend the newly-widow Myeshia Johnson, was in the car when POTUS called.

    Mr. Kelly accused Ms. Wilson — who was in a car with Ms. Johnson when Mr. Trump called and is a longtime family friend — of being a publicity-seeking opportunist. He said that the congresswoman’s willingness to breach the confidentiality of Mr. Trump’s words is evidence of a broader decline in the values of an American society that no longer treats women, religion, “life” or Gold Star families as sacred.  —NYT

  4. Kelly went on to defame Rep. Wilson by saying she was a partisan and politically motivated person based on a 2015 speech, in which she supposedly bragged about securing a new FBI building in FL.  In fact, the congresswoman honored 2 fallen FBI agents.  The South Florida Sun Sentinel released the speech today. (http://www.sun-sentinel.com/local/broward/94925992-132.html) POTUS also called her a liar.
  5. The attackers are believed to be a new ISIS faction.  U.S. soldiers were sent to Niger in 2013 to aid the French military, which was running an operation against al-Qaeda  in Mali.  St. Johnson was separated from his unit not  ‘left behind,’ an important distinction in the U.S. Military, whose mantra is ‘no soldier shall be left behind.’Niger_TrumpNotes: For information on the timeline of events see, http://cnn.it/2gTiZM8.  For information on the soldiers see, http://bit.ly/2yX2IjP

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