POTUS: 5 Moments that Bugged at Today’s Presser

Trump didn’t fail to faze in today’s presser with President Sauli Niinistö of Finland, as its people wonder, ‘why meet with Europe’s smallest country now?’

  1. POTUS refers to himself in third person when answering a question about disaster assistance in Texas. “No Todd, I think you’re going to see very rapid action from Congress, certainly from the President.”  He also added (drumroll):  “Nobody has ever seen anything like it.”
  2. Trump seemed proud of being prepared for the ‘unexpected’ Q of why he pardoned Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, while claiming when the news broke on Friday night with Hurricane Harvey in tow, he anticipated “ratings would be far higher.” POTUS proceeded to list questionable pardons by other Presidents.
    W.H. Pool Reporter:  “I must confess, the question was fairly obvious.”  Note:  Sheriff Arpaio lost his seventh and final election run in November 2016.  The obvious question:  Is Trump testing the waters for Russia-Collusion pardons?
  3. As the Q&A comes to a natural close Trump asks for another question, looks at President Sauli Niinistö to take the lead, and when the Finnish President points at a reporter, Trump chimes in, “Wow… The same woman?”  It wasn’t the same woman.  The Reporter:  “We have a lot of blonde women in Finland.”
  4. The final question from said blonde reporter was about Finland’s role in assisting Russian-Amreican relations.  Two strikes for Trump on that gaffe!  Note:  When asked about Russia, President Sauli Niinistö was careful and rather reserved, saying he does not feel himself to be an “adviser to anybody.”  He does restate a NATO talking point, saying with Russia “deterrent and dialogue” are needed.  On the other hand, POTUS said “yes,” when asked if he would protect the Baltic (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), whose citizens are a bit nervous, as well as Finland from Russia.  He adds that many countires “pose a threat.”  Also worth recounting, President Sauli Niinistö said that during his meeting with President Putin a few months ago, Putin was asked why the Chinese military was having a joint military exercise with Russia in the Baltic, the Russian President said it is “not a block; it is not against anybody.” President Sauli Niinistö’s response in that joint presser with Putin:  “We are also training in Baltic Sea with United States and Sweden and it is not a block; it is not against anybody.”  In today’s Q&A, the Finnish President goes on to say, we must make sure that the Baltic military exercise does not cause ‘any accidents.’  By the way, Putin visited Finland July 27, 2017 to mark its centenary of independence from Russia. (https://americavotesqa.com/2016/12/07/finlands-independence-and-local-take-on-trump/)Putin_finnishPrez.jpg
  5. Trump spends the last 4 minutes of the presser expounding on the idea that “Mexico will pay for the wall’  and mentions NAFTA negotiations in the same breath for good measure, calling it a “sweetheart deal” for both Mexico and Canada.  As a topper he reels President Sauli Niinistö into the fray by saying Finland would never have taken a ‘similar’ NAFTA deal with Russia . Finnish President’s Response: Uncomfortable laugh.  Note:  POTUS says a government shutdown is still on the table if the wall is not funded.  He said Mexico will reimburse the U.S.  His reasoning for the wall:  Drug trafficking. (FYI, tunnels carry lots of drugs. How will the wall help in those cases?)  The U.S.-Mexico drug trade accounts for $19-$29 billion moving between countries.  ICYMI, Mexican immigration has been on the downturn for years.

A pardon outtake via #45’s fav medium:

Trump Tweet_Pardon

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