If You Plan on Reading One Article in Full Today, It Should Be This ONE.


The man didn’t want the job. His wife made him take it, Tillerson declared. Moreover, he didn’t meet with Trump before the job offer and was “stunned” when Trump proposed the post.   He thinks the State Department’s budget should remain stable, since we can’t address everything.  In reality his budget is being cut.  This, while the White House plans on increasing the military budget by $54 billion annually. He spouts his business acumen and admits to his lack of experience in agile governing that requires more red-tape and outside input. He addresses the growing threat of N. Korea in discussions with China–with reason, a positive gain.  Although, experts argue that Tillerson gave China a hand-up in foreign policy by using the words “mutual respect” which signal acceptance of all policy when translated in Chinese norms, during last week’s visit.

The Story.

The only reporter allowed on Secretary of State Tillerson’s plane during his Asia trip was from a right-wing news outlet, IJR (Independent Journal Review). The words that came out of  Tillerson’s mouth: Frightening at worst. Inexperienced and concerning at best.

Erin McPike’s 3,300 word article is the most detailed first-hand account from Rex Tillerson since he took on the title of Secretary of State.

How Rex Tillerson Is Translating ‘America First’ Into Foreign Policy

“In the context of the budget, the fiscal year 2017 was a record high for the State Department,” he said. “Looking at ongoing conflicts, if we accept that we’re just going to continue to never solve any of these conflicts, then the budget should stay at the current level.”

He went on to explain that, as the president has been arguing, the United States needs to be smarter about where it intervenes so that it can provide more value in certain spots while taking care of its own security.

“One can say it’s not going to happen in one year, and it’s not,” he conceded to criticism, a little.

In News Today: Islamic State.

Today, Tillerson is hosting 68 member countries in Washington, D.C. in a collaborative effort to defeat the Islamic State. Plans for setting up safe zones for refugees and increasing military action were discussed.

He told McPike that doing so was a three part solution:
1) Military Campaign
2) Transition Phase
3) Stability Program

If we are trying to “defeat” the Islamic State, how is diplomacy not in need of a cash injection? I would imagine it should be a large part of the transition and stability phases.

In News Today:  Lost Emails. 

Tillerson is also making the news today for email communication lost during his tenure as CEO of Exxon-Mobile regarding the company’s knowledge of climate change and participation in pollution.

In News Today:  Tillerson to Meet with China and Russia in Lieu of NATO Meeting.

The Quote that Sticks.

“I didn’t want this job. I didn’t seek this job. My wife told me I’m supposed to do this.” –says the man who wanted to be a rancher instead of Secretary of State.


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