AG Sessions Headlines: Says “Uh, no” to Wiretap Claim. A.M. Tweets Say “Yes” w/out Media Mention.

This morning Jeff Sessions said “uh, no” when asked about wiretapping claims at a press conference .   CNN anchors seemed to feel “bad” that AG Sessions was put in such a position by President Trump.  Sessions said he has recused himself from the investigation and is “unable  to comment on any of these details.”

The questions at hand was whether or not he advised Trump on the wiretapping matter.  The answer? No.

Headlines Immediately Following the Press Conference:

ABC:  AG Jeff Sessions gave Trump no reason to believe wiretap claim

The Week:  Jeff Sessions, asked if he gave Trump ‘any reason to believe’ he was wiretapped by Obama: ‘Um, no’

New York Daily News:  Rep. probing Trump wiretap claims: ‘No evidence’ Obama interfered

AG Sessions’ Twitter Feed Differs from Talking Points.

If Jeff Sessions gave Trump no reason to believe his home was being wiretapped, why is he fighting so hard ahead of March 20th hearings during which time his employee– FBI Director Comey–will be openly questioned on Russia?

My fav Tweet?  “Not less reckless than all the horse dung on #TrumpRussiaCollusion.  Why do you want to investigate only one of the two?”

Rich in irony. Let’s waste taxpayer dollars during tax season and ignore claims that have evidence, like Russian interference in our democracy.

Sessions told CBS News that he “never briefed” Trump “on campaign investigations or gave him any reason to believe Obama wiretapped him,” a reporter for the network tweeted Wednesday.



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