AG Sessions Has Recused Himself; Yet, His Twitter Feed Russian Rich.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recused himself from #RussiaGate and #ObamaGate, ahead of March 20th hearings.  But he’ll be there in spirit.  His Twitter feed provides a blueprint glimpse for the line-of-questioning the defense may dole.

Sessions is defending Obama wiretapping accusations without evidence below.  He doesn’t reference Russia directly but the insinuations regarding Comey’s trustworthiness are there.  Moreover, he is dismissing the very people that ultimately answer to him–the intel community.  At the day’s end, #ObamaGate is all about deflecting #RussiaGate.

Russia is again helping the cause with some deflection tactics of their own that play the victim card.

The man whom Fareed Zakaria dubbed “The Most Powerful Man in the World” last night on a CNN Special accused the U.K. of anti-Russian sentiment via the Russian Embassy on Monday.

Mind you, the EU wanted to reprimand Russia for fake news/propaganda in late 2016 but did not because of complications with Turkey, which was also pumping out fake news while violating human rights following a Presidential coup.


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