ACA Repeal: Cross-State Insurance is Already an Option. It Doesn’t Work.

Sean Spicer speaks live: The W.H. Press Secretary said the ACA Replacement Bill will depend on Phase 3.  (Trump has tweeted that Phases 2 & 3 will include working across state lines.) The Department of Insurance won’t allow for it is one reason why the idea won’t work. So, unless they get rid of it and the regulations it tows, it’s not happening. Additionally, there is no cost incentive.


  • Selling insurance across state lines does not work. It has been tried BECAUSE of ‘Obamacare.’ Also, this bill will favor the young and healthy, not the old.
  • The proposed repeal favors the young, not the old.
  • GOP saying it’s likely not going to pass the reform bill.

Worthy read:

Rolling Stones:  The Dark Strategy at the Core of the GOP Health Care Plan
How the House Republican plan to overhaul Obamacare went from repeal-and-replace to cap-and-strangle


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