FB: #TY for Discourse. Resist, Persist, Learn.


“When they go low, we go high.” –Michelle Obama

Follow-up: Yesterday’s post regarding my interview with a Trump supporter was meant to provoke thoughts of common ground, as the emotive political climate bleeds into our social lives. The Trump supporter, Mary, had some valid points, and her want? The same as that of many #Dems. She wanted federally funded jobs. The feedback on FB? The majority of it included name-calling and untempered opinions from both sides of the aisle. I am happy to say, one person did reach out with a differing opinion without ‘going low’. Check it out on my blog post or see comment section on my FB page.

Debating politics tends to be taboo in our society, yet here we all are.

**In politics substance out weighs emotion, and the Presidency is no exception.**

FB Commentator: It is people like her that hold on to lies that refuse to see the truth that has put that has put that idiot in office. She will never admit she she wrong.

Me: I would say it is people like her who are misinformed but hold the same objectives as Dems.

FB Commentator: Did you notice her body language? Her facial expressions? The only reason that woman did not blow up is because her grandchildren were nearby.

Me: Remember what Michelle Obama said: “When they go low, we go high.” This Trump supporter is misinformed and cracked a smile when admitting she watched Fox News. On top of which, she was talking to me, with my brown skin tone. I didn’t feel any personal animosity.

FB Commentator: It is good to know that you did not feel any animosity. I am thankful for that. But like some of my family members, her unwillingness to hear the truth and hold on to her falsehoods is where the problem is. She honestly believes the falsehoods she spouted. She will hold onto them until her dying day. Even when presented with the truth. That is a problem. A serious problem. And that is what put him in the White House. A conscience choice to remain ignorant in the face of opposing facts.

Me: Very well stated. I appreciate your reasoned perspective. In this case, she was upset about “shovel ready” projects and did not concede on misinformation that the Dems stopped federally funded jobs. That being said, spin doctors at Fox News are pretty good at pulling in viewership by boosting facts that insight feelings of injustice while quelling the crucial sidebars, i.e. the GOP did not want to increase gov’t size with public projects. Now, I’ve seen Dems do the same, i.e. downplaying Trump’s impact on business and a bullish economy. Like it or not, he will do less regulating than Obama, which will boost the economy. I have had those frustrating chats, but I do believe that facts matter to people on both sides of the aisle. Many of us tend to lean on a particular news source and reiterate the sound bites we hear. She was correct about the infrastructure not being shovel ready. As for her disposition? Doesn’t it seem that anger has given way to substantive discourse in general? People have a mob mentality and in a flight or fight response those fighting are the one’s making their voices heard. Trump supporters had honest grievances about being left behind in a high tech economy. It’s congruent with what many Bernie supporters fear. An equal and opposite reaction to the same end. A movement based on the 99%, especially those more than 1 standard deviations from the median.

FB Commentator: Excellent points. I agree. We do need to find a way to have open and honest discourse in this country. I keep trying. You are correct when you point out that people are in this fight or flight mode. And that is exactly what we need to quell.

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