#ShovelReady: Inside the Mind of Trump Supporter with #RealNews Muddled

Please note correction in interview**

When asked what she thought of #NotMyPresidentsDay rallies, Trump Supporter turns to manners.

“You know I felt that way for the last 8 years with Obama.  I kept my mouth shut.  I wasn’t out raising hell. Wouldn’t it be nice if everybody had the same manners,” 70-year-old Mary from Carlsbad, California said.

On the #TravelBan:  “It’s not a ban. What it is, is a, “Wait a minute let’s see what’s going on.”

She said she has no concerns with Trump thus far. Stating that his presidency is young.

Her issue with Obama: “That the shovel ready wasn’t so shovel ready was it?  And where did the money go?”

No other concerns were voiced about #44, but there is some truth to her information. The projects Obama thought were shovel ready, were not. However, the GOP was not raising hell to include these projects in the economic stimulus package in 2009.  In fact, quite the opposite. Ironically, she wanted what Obama was offering.  She wanted what the Democrats were offering. Her news sources alongside hubby?  MSNBC, CNN, and laughingly she admitted to watching Fox News.


Now, the part that Mary was incorrect on was the GOP’s take on “shovel ready” projects. In reality, not a single House Republican voted for the economic recovery bill–close to $800 billion, but the Democratic-controlled House passed it. The Senate had more Democrats than Republicans in the 111th Congress but was shy of the ability to filibuster with 60 votes. Therefore, I was wrong when I said in the interview that Dems did not have control. They did**.  Nonetheless, the bill barely passed. In order to pass it, Democrats cut more than $100 billion in spending and got three Republicans on board. The 111th Congress was impactful, even as the Tea Party began growing tentacles in the summer of 2009; Dems lost their majority in 2010. The last time a party had control over all three branches was under George W. Bush, for almost the entirety of his time in office.

Regarding government stimulus and federally funded jobs:

  •  Democrats wanted to stimulate the economy with government spending programs that created jobs—i.e. “shovel ready” projects.
  •  Republicans wanted the stimulus to focus on tax cuts and inject about half as much into the economy, claiming big government is burdensome.
  • Obama did admit he was mistaken on his understanding of “shovel ready” projects. Many of the infrastructure projects would take at least a year to “ready” for construction.
  • The Reality: Government spending is traditionally a Democratic stance. Both Bernie and Trump supporters should understand this. We are a democracy, not a socialist government.

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