Obama’s Legacy: From the Iconic and Amazing to the Difficult and Trying

Above:  President Obama finds his voice regarding race following the Charleston shooting.

Below:   A worthwhile look back at all that President Obama–green to inside-the-beltway politics–did to bail our country out of a financial freefall and how he towed the race line while the GOP plotted his demise as early as his inauguration.  Zakaria documents Obama’s foreign policy and the role G.W. Bush and a Republican led House and Senate played; alongside the emergence of the Tea Party; and his signature policies –health care and the Paris Agreement. Zakaria’s time capsule also includes immigration, climate change, trade, and more.  He asks an important questions:  How is that such a charismatic figure was not able to translate his popularity in down-ballot races and work across the aisle?  What role did race play?  And how will President-elect Trump impact Obama’s hard-won policies?

Signature Moments:

From the White House Blog, #ParisAgreement on climate change:


Health Care, with Ted Kennedy in mind, and 22 million people signed up:

Senate passes historic healthcare reform legislation in 60-39 vote

The Senate approved sweeping healthcare reform legislation by the narrowest of partisan margins early Christmas Eve morning, placing President Barack Obama closer than ever to signing a longtime Democratic priority into law.

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