Trump-Putin Movement: “I do have a relationship.”

Movement.  The word has various definitions.  In perusing its meaning on Merriam-Webster, the one that seems to fit our President-elect best in this writer’s opinion is as follows:  the vibrant quality in literature that comes from elements that constantly hold a reader’s interest (as a quickly moving action-filled plot).  

Obama’s presidency was a snoozer compared to number 45’s run for the post.  Fit for reality television, Trump caught the attention of the GOP and media outlets vying for ratings with a brilliant panache.

“Trump has been a huge benefit to Republicans in some ways, bringing an unprecedented amount of attention to the first presidential primary debate last week. Some 24 million Americans tuned in to watch, more than most big-time sporting events, demonstrating a clear curiosity about Trump’s campaign but also giving the other candidates an opportunity to showcase their own views.” — Aug. 9, 2015, Boston Globe

What will his actual time in office bring?  And what will happen to this country if a counter movement is not sustained?  

Counter-Movement:  This is why Dec. 19th and days following matter. If you can’t make it to your state capitol, call in.

He has put himself at the forefront as a leader in a short amount of time,” Trump says of Putin in the 2013 interview.  Trump points to Syria in particular in admiration:  “He [Putin] has done a very brilliant job in what he represents and who he represents.”   Going on to say, “He has really eaten our President’s lunch.

The war in Syria began in 2011.  At that point there were sanctions in place by the U.N. for humanitarian atrocities.

“Syria’s civil war, which began in 2011, has become a theatre for competing global powers, with Russia and Iran supporting President Bashar al-Assad, and the United States, Gulf Arab and European powers backing rebels who want to depose him.” SOURCE: Thomas Reuters

And then, in typical Trump fashion, he contradicts himself during his campaign when questioned by reporters, as seen below.  Trump voters, keep this in mind when awaiting promises of a wall and jobs that work in contrast with technology and environmental concerns.

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