ISIS Supported by U.S.: Killing is the American Way, Assad Tells Russian TV

Some of the topics covered:

Assad shows how empathetic he is to the ‘terrorist’ in Syria’s civil war and is willing to give them the opportunity to return to civilian life.  He also states that he has tried to minimize civilian casualties, but human error does exist. He sounds like a philosopher.  He says Russia did not put any pressure on Syria, stating “it’s not their methodology.”  He acknowledges the need of support from Russia and Iran.  “We lost so many. We have so many martyrs,” Assad says in talking about the Syrian Army.  The reporter also asks about the impact of President Obama lifting a ban on the some of the Syrian rebels that could create more ‘terrorists’.

Below is a short written Q&A of this absurdly spun interview.

Assad:  ISIS is “as strong as the support they get from the West.”  He names America specifically.

Reporter:  “In Aleppo, you allowed some of these terrorist to leave freely the battle ground.  Why would you do that?”

Assad:  Partly to give terrorist the opportunity to join the civilian army.

Reporter: You call them “terrorist,” but you give them the opportunity to come back to their “normal life.”

Assad: It’s because they are “human” and afraid.  “You cannot deal with it in the American way, just killing, just killing.”

Published on Dec 14, 2016

War diary | Damascus, Syria | December 14th 2016
Syrian president interview with RT – Russian TV network

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