Tillerson Update: Our New Secretary of State and Russia’s Ticket to Dominance

The Reality of our ‘Troubled Economy’ according to Trump vs. the Reality of our Worries Abroad should be Strongly Assessed:

Texan Rex Tillerson–the current CEO of Exxon who was named Forbes 25th richest man in the world in 2015– is Trump’s pick for Secretary of State. Tillerson’s past employers include Exxon, since 1975–period. He has no experience in foreign relations of which to speak. The silver lining? It will be a difficult Senate confirmation, according to The New York Times.

Exxon was the largest oil company in the world, until Rosneft–an oil company owned by the Russian government-beat it by jailing heads of other Russian companies in the oil game. The two companies–Exxon and Rosneft–did a joint exploration deal expected to bring in $500 billion before discovering a new billion barrels of oil off Siberia. It was “expected to change the historical trajectory of Russia,” Rachel Maddow pointed out on her show. The deal did not go through because of sanctions the Obama administration placed on Russia related to the Ukraine.  (FYI: Exxon was also the largest company in the world until Apple Inc. beat it.)

What will happen to those sanctions under a Trump Administration?

The topics that come to mind when I think of this post are TPP, China taking control of Asian Pacific trade, NAFTA, NATO, Syria, Turkey’s humanitarian demise since the July coup attempt, ISIS growth in the Caribbean, North Korea, Brexit implications, , … and of course, Putin’s hybrid propaganda-hacking machine.

Graph regarding our ‘troubled economy’ via Public Policy Polling shows that the stock market has gone up. And it should be noted that unemployment is at 4.6%, a new low since 2007.

Via:  Medium article. 

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