Inbox: Message From Elector Alex Kim with a Warning

“There is no such thing as a national popular vote.  The only vote that matters to me as a Texas Elector is the Texas vote.” -Quote from email message.

I sent an email to the electors via What I received in my Inbox surprised me, and I did a little research on the elector in question. Alex Kim, a Texas Republican from Dallas has a auto-response set for those emailing him via the websites link to “Voice Your Concerns”. Read the disclosure from Mr. Kim–an almost laughable warning, but, yes, I am acutely aware that I have waived my right to privacy. Please note that I do not agree with the death threats either. This should be a civil discourse-period.

Copy and Paste of Email Response.

Alex Kim via 

DISCLOSURE:  By responding to this email  you are waiving your right to any privacy or remedy.  By responding to this email, for the consideration of me reading your email, you are giving consent for me to publish, disseminate, or otherwise distribute any information contained for any purposes I deem appropriate.  If you do not consent to this condition, then do not reply.

Thank you for writing.

I am receiving about 4,000 emails a day so I have set this to an auto-response.

You should know that I have no interest in Hillary Clinton becoming our next President.  I reject the Democratic Party principles and I reject Hillary Clinton.

I will not do anything that will open a path for HRC to become our next President.

There is no such thing as a national popular vote.  The only vote that matters to me as a Texas Elector is the Texas vote.

We are not a democracy, we are a republic, for good cause.

We all have differing opinions and I respect your part in the political process, but frankly, the political opinions of non-Texas voters means nothing to me.  I do not vote or get involved in your state, I am not sure why you are trying to interfere in mine.

I encourage you to be more active in the political process where your vote matters.

Best Regards,


Elector, Texas Congressional District 24

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