Flynn: Fired from Defense Intelligence Agency for Management Style in 2014

The man who started the “Lock Her Up” chant at the Republican Convention, Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, has been tapped to be national security advisor under Trump administration.  Flynn–a longstanding critic of Islam–has also been called-out for anti-semitic rhetoric.

“His appointment won’t require Senate confirmation, which is potentially helpful for Trump, as Flynn has a long history of controversial remarks and was fired as President Barack Obama’s director of the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2014”. –CNN (link above)

-Flynn claimed he was fired from the Obama administration by “censors”.

-U.S. officials say he was fired due to management style.

-Flynn Tweeted pro-Trump comments and slammed Jewish people.

Source:  See link to CNN for story on bullet points.

Headline from NYT:  Michael Flynn, Anti-Islamist Ex-General, Offered Security Post, Trump Aide Says”

ACTION STEPS: CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN TO VOICE CONCERN OVER ANY OF TRUMP’S APPOINTMENTS.  IT MATTERS! (More to come, but info. was important to point out this Friday morning!)

Excerpt via NPR regarding Flynn’s views on U.S. intelligence community:

In 2010, while serving in Afghanistan, he aired his complaints in a report called “Fixing Intel: A Blueprint for Making Intelligence Relevant in Afghanistan” for the Center for a New American Security, a Washington think tank. Flynn wrote that the intelligence community was not helping in the war effort. Its analysts were not providing the kind of intelligence necessary in the counterinsurgency fight, Flynn said, and the U.S. intelligence community “is only marginally relevant to the overall strategy.”

It was the most popular report the think tank ever produced.

The CIA and others provided detailed information about the enemy, Flynn wrote, but not the kind of political, economic and cultural information he felt was needed about the Afghan people. The defense secretary at the time, Robert Gates, called Flynn’s comments a “candid self-assessment,” but other officials were seething that Flynn went public with his views.

Flynn, by then a three-star general, went on to run the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Pentagon’s military-centered spy service. But the workforce there complained he was trying to push through too many changes, including sending more employees overseas.

Flynn argued that he was trying to get the bureaucracy to be more efficient, to do more. Critics said he couldn’t run a large bureaucracy. He was forced out in 2014 after less than two years in the job.

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