Bannon Slams Romney for not Serving Military but not Trump

What do Donald Trump and Mitt Romney have in common?  Both obtained four draft deferments during the Vietnam War.

What they don’t have in common is Bannon’s endorsement. While Bannon supported the Trump’s run for president, he didn’t support Romney’s presidential run in 2012 despite the candidates’ equivalent public service records.

Romney can help President-elect Trump in garnering the Mormon support he lacked during his campaign. As some of you may recall, Utah had an Independent Mormon candidate Evan McMullin, who was a strong contender in the state. However, Romney’s qualifications for the Secretary of State post are not tangible, as he doesn’t have foreign affairs experience.

As for Bannon and Romney in the same cabinet?  There will be some mending to do.

Steve Bannon made the remarks below in an October 2012 interview on Conservative Republican Forum Radio.  Read the full story at Buzzfeed.

“Mitt Romney goes to the Republican convention, gives his acceptance speech, people give him a standing ovation, and he doesn’t have the common decency to say one thing about our troops fighting in Afghanistan?” Bannon said. “This is a guy who avoided military duty in Vietnam; who has five sons who look like movie stars who have not served their country one day. Oh, but by the way all of them did their two years of Mormon missionary service — every one of them.”

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